Crayon technologies Inc. provides innovative technologies for visualizing and analyzing molecular signatures in 3D. We help you see what you have never seen before in a flash

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Crayon technologies

Unprecedented ultrafast and complete 3D immunostaining technique, AEFI provides a reliable staining platform for analyzing 3D molecular signatures of deep tissues and further can be extended for diagnostic purposes.

About Us

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    : C Stain

    Innovative Active Immunostaining System

    C Stain is an active immunostaining system based on our innovative AEFI technology that enables ultra-rapid and uniform staining of thick 3D biological tissues using focused electromagnetic forces. C Stain is also applicable to stain formalin-fixed post mortem human brain tissue, and tissues that had not been pre-cleared. C Stain is fully scalable with three-dimensional volume imaging of clinically prepared biological samples for diagnostic purposes.

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    : C Phoresis

    Innovative Active Tissue Electrophoresis System

    C Phoresis can successfully remove light scattering molecules from thick-tissue samples using the electrophoretic forces. C Phoresis design is compatible with numerous tissue clearing methods. C Phoresis achieves complete transparency of various sizes and shapes of samples while minimizing tissue damage.

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    : C Process

    General Purpose Tissue Processor

    C Process is designed for easy and fast passive-tissue clearing. C Process is also fully applicable to pre-processing of tissue samples prior to various active clearing methods. C Process precisely controls temperature and vacuum to maximize tissue processing in various applications.

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    : C Match

    Innovative Optical Clearing Solution

    C Match perfectly matches the refractive index of the cleared samples for optimal Imaging (RI=1.46). It preserves maximum fluorescence signals, thus ideal for optical imaging after passive clearing of tissues that express fluorescent proteins and samples that have been pre-stained with antibody.

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    : C Multi

    Multiple tissue IHC for 3D tissue imaging

    C-Multi is a simultaneous active immunostaining device based on paten-pending AEFI technology, enabling ultra-fast and uniform immunostaining of multiple 3D biological samples.